Here’s How You Can Make A Video Go Viral On Social Platforms!

by Vishal Kangane

Wednesday December 6, 2017

Summary – Do you want to generate tons of traffic with your message on social media platforms? You should be posting traffic generating videos with the help of a web app that will help you! Read on & get vital details!


Are you an online marketer who loves to lay his/her hands on modern techniques to outreach your brand or business?

If yes, you should have an idea about video being one of the most significant methods these days to not only send across your message but even earn likes, shares, engagements and conversions.

But, after having said that, although video marketing has emerged as a pivotal method to earn online rewards, not all marketers are doing it right.

Yes, have you ever wondered why even your most deserving video could not bring you the traffic and conversions which you expected? Was it boring or did it lack creativity?

If your video had the right content, was not boring and was an epitome of creativity and yet could not bring you back the expected traffic, what could have been the reason?

It may have lacked some aspects that marketers are using these days to win leads and conversions on social media platforms.

Not anymore, because a feature rich web app is here to convert your any ordinary, boring, and dull video into traffic generating magnet with only some clicks.


Let VidViral Convert Your Boring Videos Into Traffic Generator!

VidViral is here to revolutionize your video posting regime on social platforms!

VidViral is a web-based application that turns any video (YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo or uploaded from your desktop or mobile device) into crowd-puller masterpiece.

It works by adding an additional header and footer layer which could talk with your viewer directly, luring them to click on the play button, leading to enhanced traffic and views.

To further make your videos compelling, users are free to add impactful CTA texts, smileys, images to the header and footer of a video. They can also render and download completed videos on their devices or share on social sites from a cloud based dashboard.


3 Simple Steps To Turn Any Video Into Viral Ones:

Step 1 – Upload Your Video

Upload any video from your desktop or mobile device or source from YouTube, Vimeo or DailyMotion and other sources.


Step 2 – Edit Header & Footer

You can add and edit the header and footer to the videos with right graphics and messages to lure people to your videos. You can also upload your watermark or logo anywhere in the video.



Step 3 – Render & Share

Render the video over the cloud. Download or share your videos on social podiums with only a single click.



The Bottom Line

Don’t wait anymore; convert your boring and dull videos into a conversion magnet with VidViral. Social media platforms are a staple for a modern online marketer.

Don’t leave any stone unturned to get more out of your social efforts with captivating videos with the help of VidViral.