Features - Vidviralapp

Instant Traffic Within Minutes

Get set to get amazingly huge video traffic within minutes with VidViral!

Multiple Video Source Option

Right from YouTube to DailyMotion to Vimeo to Amazon S3 to your mobile or computer’s videos, you are free to source videos from all platforms to use on VidViral.

No Technical Skills Is Not An Issue

Don’t have a prior design or tech knowledge? No problem! VidViral’s interface incorporates ‘drag and drop’ editor and is very easy-to-use.

No Language Restrictions For Video Memes Creation

You are free to use ANY language in the header and footer! VidViral is equipped with a built-in translation feature which lets you target almost ANYONE and ANYWHERE across the globe!

Video Customization Made Easy With ‘Drag And Drop’ Editor!

You can add logos, images, watermarks or any other image or character! VidViral makes everything customizable and resizable with a simple ‘drag and drop,’ making your video come up exactly what you imagined.

Entirely Customizable Background

From changing the background to uploading own images to adjusting header and footer height, you are free to do whatever you want on the VidViral app.

Tons Of Characters And Images To Use

You get to access a huge stock of images, smileys, icons, and characters with the VidViral app other than your own images. You can customize all images super easy!

YouZign Integration For Even More Images

You can pull high-quality images from YouZign to use in your video memes.

You Can Use The Cloud Rending

Rendering will be done in the cloud without slowing down your computer which means you can focus on other things while the video renders.

Video Sharing On Facebook Made Easy With A Click

You get to share your video on Facebook with a single click and download as per your desire and preferences.

VidViral Is Ready For Mobile Devices

VidViral is compatible with your mobile devices which mean you can upload, edit and render videos from it. The end result? You get to achieve endless traffic inducing videos from ANYWHERE!

You Need Not Install ANYTHING!

Since VidViral is hosted in the cloud, you won’t require anything to install, ever!

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