About VidViral

VidViral is a web app which is released by Rack Infotech Pvt. Ltd, Pune, the sister concern company of DigiSpread.

It converts any boring and non-appealing video into a viral one in seconds. You don’t need to install anything or need any prior design skills to handle or use this software.

VidViral could be regarded as one of the most powerful yet easy-to-use traffic inducing software ever released.

Once a user starts using VidViral, within minutes, he/she can start generating viral traffic.

When you get to access VidViral, you also get your hands on competing with world’s leading brands and marketers without having any exclusive skills or investing in a complicated or expensive software.

VidViral also lets you pocket amazingly viral traffic that can not only save tons of dollars but even make you save tons of money. Yes, it also enables to save a huge scoop of money which you would have invested in buying impractical and inexpensive software.

The Problem

Rack Infotech Pvt. Ltd. has always been involved with the launch of many useful products in the past for the benefits of internet users and marketers.

Continuing with their trend of delivering impactful products, they researched about a common problem which not many were giving importance to.

With the dawn of social media podiums, the frequency of users and brands uploading multiple segment videos on their pages have gone up drastically.

With so many people posting so many videos in so less time, it became an issue for all videos to get views, shares, likes and download that they deserved.

Yes, brands that were creating a video after putting in so much effort were not receiving the traffic that they deserved. In short, they disappear in a huge sea of videos. It started to impact their page outreach, revenues and much more.

Problem 1

Competition is fierce

Million of video are being uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, and many more popular social platforms.

Problem 2

Your videos are not getting viewed

A majority of users keep off their Autoplay setting because they want to avoid the annoyance of videos playing up on their own.

Problem 3

Your videos are not eye-catching

If your video’s thumbnail and description or title/status are boring and not appealing, your videos won’t grab the attention of your niche.

The Solution

We understood the above problem inside out, and that’s where the seeds of VidViral were sown.

We decided to develop a product around the problem of videos not getting enough attention and studied various aspects which led us to the inception and launch of VidViral.

We Made VidViral Pack In Some Punch!

Based on the above problem, as we went ahead and developed VidViral, we made sure it had all the features to address all issues.

Feature 1

You get viral traffic instantly

VidViral lets your videos to grab unprecedented traffic and that too in no time.

Feature 2

Multiple video source option

Be it YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon S3 or DailyMotion; you are free to source videos from numerous sources.

Feature 3

No technical skills required

You can easily customize your headers and footers of the video as it has easy-to-use, graphical interface and ‘drag and drop editor.’ You don’t need any special design or technical skills to use VidViral and its 100% newbie compatible.

Feature 4

Video memes creation is possible in any language

You can create your video memes in any language. You can also translate from one language to another.

Feature 5

Customizable background

You also get the option to change the colour of the background (header and footer) and also upload your own images for a superior result. Adjusting the height of the header and footer is also possible.

Feature 6

Tons of images and characters

VidViral also lets you access to thousands of icons, images, smileys and much more. You can customize everything right inside the video app.

Feature 7

Cloud rending is possible

Rending of the videos is done in the cloud. As a result, it does not slow down your system letting you work on other tasks easily.

Feature 8

Single click video share on Facebook

You can easily distribute the videos on Facebook with only one click. You can also download and utilize as per your wish.

Feature 9

Ready for mobile usage

Mobile is where younger marketers and users meet up, and since VidViral is mobile ready, you can upload, edit and deliver videos from your Smartphone. This feature lets you grab viral traffic from almost anywhere.

Feature 10

You don’t need anything else to install

VidViral is hosted in the cloud, and that’s why you never need anything to install to run it. Also, you don’t need any special expertise to use the software because it’s completely newbie compatible.

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